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cometbird 3.5.6 not supporting gmail

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good evening administrator,,,when 3 days back i updated to 3.5.6 version cometbird is not supporting gmail,as u know gmail has standard view and basic view,,its not supporting to view standard view and page loading stops,,al my frens using the same version reported the same complaints ,,pls check this once and give me suggestions regarding this,,thank you

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Hello srinivasmv419,

Is the error report saying "The security certificate expires"? I encountered the same problem the day before, but it's gmail's security certificate problem and is nothing todo with our browser. But today, it seems google reload or update their certificate and this problem disappear. Please try again and confirm if that still exists in your browser.

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hi sophia ma'm,,have been waiting for reply since so many days,,just now i again installed 3.5.6 version,,now its really working pefect,,really thanks for the information,,thank u,,i love cometbird,,its amazing,,i wish with each update from firefox cometbird wil be updated within a day,,,coz i cant wait for cometbird,,thank u

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