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hello from me


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:D hello - i've been downloading with bit comet for a long time now & i would like to say thanks guys, the new version is great - faster downloads - when the seeders are available!!! i am trying to seed myself but am unsure how this works really - can anyone help me with this please as i want to give something back rather than just taking. :unsure:

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Hi, Bookworm, welcome to the forum. Seeding generally couldn't be simpler. You just do nothing. Really.

After your download is complete, just leave the task running and it will automatically go into seeding mode. If you'll look at the "Share Ratio" column in the task list, it indicates the amount you have uploaded divided by the amount you have downloaded for this torrent. If the ratio is above 1.0, you've uploaded more than you've downloaded. If it's below 1.0 you've downloaded more than you've uploaded. If it's right at 1.0, you've given as much as you've taken.

In the BitComet preferences/options you can set terms or conditions for uploading -- you can tell all tasks to continue to seed until your ratio reaches a specific level, or for a certain time. You don't have to do it that way, you can just do it manually and check from time to time.

Your download speed is (usually) much faster than your upload speed, so it will take a while to reach 1.0 or above. You'll need to keep running the task until it reaches that point. You may want to continue seeding some torrents to keep them alive.

Your system can continue to seed 24x7, it doesn't need you there to watch or supervise. You can let it run overnight and while you're at work or in class with no problems.

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The answer is just two posts above yours.

I'm going to assume that either you didn't read the whole topic or you have a hangover from the New Year's Eve party. ;)

This is more of an introduction area and all the questions asked have already been answered, so this topic is closed.

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