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Why Bitcomet 0.70 is way better than 1.16?


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I just updated my bitcomet from 0.70 to 1.16

The 0.70 was perfect!! i have 1.5 MB\S internet so my max down speed is 187 KB\s

0.70 always download at this speed and it was very stable speed.

Few days ago i updated my bircomet and it just not as good as 0.70

Its not as fast - somtimes it reaches top speed but always drops suddenly (not stable)

It slowing my internet even if it downloading at 10 KBS and always disconnecting my Skype.

If someone know what is the problem with this version and how can it be fixed plz write here.

and for the developers please note this because you acctually made the software worse.

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Generally your issues sound like you haven't configured 1.16 properly. Those may not be the only issues. I find 1.16 too unstable to use myself so I fell back to 1.15 because I have to be able to look at new features &c.

0.70 is bulletproof. It was the last evolution before a major rewrite of the client in 0.71. The underlying protocol has not had any major changes since 0.70, so it is still a fully functional client. I often still use it myself. There are some additional features in the very latest versions that are very convenient, and which can actually improve your speed under certain conditions. If you don't need or want those features, 0.70 should still suit you very well.

The configuration guide is still written in terms of 0.70, but the important points have not changed. You still need to test and adjust your global maximum upload speed. You will need to take into account LT seeding but you can disable that and tackle it after you've got everything else stabilized.

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My earnest suggestion to you is not to use those sites. The bans are based on incorrect and usually false information. By and large most site admins who are amenable to reason can be persuaded that the ban was never merited. Indeed an network engineer circulated a white paper online, demonstrating the falsity of various charges that have been asserted by the wrongheaded.

Those that don't know about this and can't be persuaded to unban BC are, well, people who aren't aware of what's going on and aren't amenable to reason. That's somebody you probably want to avoid anyway!

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I downloaded the 0.70 zip version.

So now i have 0.7 and 1.16 on my pc.

But something very odd happend -

when i opened the 0.7 the first time it was great and downloaded at 190 KBS

But then i opened the 1.16 downloaded a little than closed it and after that the 0.7 didnt pass the 15 kbs.

its like when i opened the 1.16 it f***** up my 0.7 settings\connections.


do you know what is that?

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This would depend on exactly how you installed the upgrade/downgrade.

You can simply look over your settings to see if they've changed. Pay particular attention to the listen port number.

As I said, I can't use 1.16 myself, but I understand that a settings storage change may have been implemented in it, to get the configuration files out of the program directory. If that has been done, then a downgrade install may indeed revert settings to their default values.

A quick scan of your settings should reveal this to you.

If you want to have both versions available, then you will need to install them in different directories. In the normal case you can't use both at the same time because they share the same listen port -- can't do that. You will have to configure each to use a separate port, and to assure that both ports are open.

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