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Many of the torrents that BTJunkie indexes are from private torrent sites. You must be a member of that site in order to obtain a working downloaded torrent from that site, whether directly from the site itself, or indirectly via BTJunkie.

In general it's best not to get torrents from BTJunkie. If you ARE a member of a particular site it is altogether easier/faster/clearer to go directly to that site and download the torrent from there, for several reasons.

If you aren't a member of that site, you can try to join it, again bypassing BitJunkie. If you can't join for whatever reason, then the listing in BitJunkie is like a taunt, that is of no use to you at all.

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Dear Sir,

thank u for your information. But already i have member of the site. But i am not able to download.

please try my username is [elided - Moderator]

password is [elided - Moderator]

Please reply Its urgent.

Posting your login information in a public forum like this is a spectacularly bad idea. Your account has likely already been compromised. You should probably inform the site administrator, have the account cancelled at once, and try to get a new one. - Moderator

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