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isnt this the official forum for bitcomet & cometbird

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good morning administrator,,

we all know that this is the official forum for bitcomet n cometbird,,then why the updates were not properly reported here,,

1.till now no reporting of bitcomet 1.17 version here,,we all know its released,,but it should be officially reported here,,

2.cometmarks version 1.62 and 1.63 versions released,,but not reported here in this forum,,how can others know about its update,,

3.no official news update regarding cometbird,,even its follower of firefox we should maintain our changelog and updates here in this forum,,

thats my opinion,,pls consider this,,an official website should have all this stufff ,,thank u pls dont mind

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There was a time last year, when BitComet (the organization) essentially turned its back on the West. This is understandable due to the way they'd been treated, but the existing support forum was entirely closed down.

In that period, and really, long prior to it, new products were announced not on the forum, but on the individual product web sites.

That has not changed, as a company policy, as far as I know. First announcement of a new product version release is made at the product web site. Further, the product web site is the definitive word about whether a release is out or not -- what the latest release is.

I have seen people referring to a 1.16 beta release as 1.17, when it was not. BTW, all BitComet releases so far have been betas. Version 1.00 was NOT a gamma, gold master, or final release. It was one more beta and the version number was forced by the numbering scheme.

So a 1.16 beta is not, as you'd expect, an advance release of 1.16 (itself a beta), but a subsequent release of 1.16.

I expect everyone to be properly confused by now. If you are not, please report to Cassie for mental rebooting. She has this hammer...

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