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BITCOMET V1.16 Freezes 5 minutes after start downloading


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Hello everyone.

I have Bitcomet v1.16 installed and since the beggining (3 months ago) it occasionaly started closing saying "unexpceted error ....". I ´v sent all the report messages to the bitcomet team.

Even with that it worked normally 99% of the time until this week. Now it starts freezing some 5 minutes after start downloading. I have no ideia of what can be happening. If I close it (only possible with the task manager) and start over again, it will work again for some minutes and after freezes again.

All the other programs in my computer work normally

As I have plenty of games, filmes and musics installed, I thought that it could be a virus. I had installed AVG 9.0 free version. I changed to Kasperky paid version and I´m doing the full computer scaning (it will finishes one of these days...).

At the same time I re-installed bitcomet v1.16 again but it didn´t solve the probleme. The only thing I couldn´t do (because I couldn´t find it) was to delete the registry. It type regedit and saw all the registrys but can´t find anything related with the bitcomet registry.

My questions:

Can someone tell me how to delete the registry of bitcomet v1.16 in order to uninstall it completley and perform a clean installation again ?

If someone had the same (or similar problem) can give a hand or some ideias how to solve it ?

My Specs:

Windows Vista 32bits SPack 2

Intel Quad Core Duo Q6600 2.40GHZ

Ram: 4GBS

Video:Nvidia 8800 GTS

Best regards to all and happy new year.

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Try a clean reinstall.

Uninstall BitComet and check both BitComet folders (from \Program Files and from Users\%userprofile%\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files and delete them if they are still present).

Then reinstall BitComet. You might try instead the v.1.17 or an older one to see if you get rid of this issue.

BitComet doesn't use the Windows Registry but .xml files for storing its configuration settings.

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Thanks again greywizard.

I followed all the steps and intalled several versions (1.13, 1.12) but it happens always the same. It starts downloading normally and after some minutes it freezes. I really don´t know what to do more. Another idea would be trying to intall another torrent downloader but I love bitcomet and I didn´t want to change. Any other ideas ? At the same time I keep with the full scan for virus with Kaspersky. Perhaps there is a virus that afects onle bitcomet ? Stange isn´t ?

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It's not so strange, I've actually seen it before.

The issue isn't really BitComet-only, but bittorrent seems to put pressure on parts of the system that most other applications do not. When they flake out, it looks like BC is the cause, but it's the victim.

This can indicate a hardware issue. The first thing to check is system memory. You will need a free memory test from memtest.org. That will have to be put on a bootable disk, since the test isn't Windows-based. Instructions for running the test are on the site. It's pretty straightforward.

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Thanks Kluelos

I couldn´t have the time to run the memory test because of my work but I´ll do it tomorrow or wednesday.

In the meantime I installed another torrent downloader to check if there would be a problem too and guess what: It works perfectly. The problem only affects bitcomet. But we will solve the problem because I want to be back downloading in Bitcomet. I have a position less than 100.000 and it would be a shame loosing tha., Furthermore, bitcomet is much faster than the others.

I´ll keep giving news after performing the memory test.

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Also be sure to try upgrading to 1.17, now it's out. My system couldn't run 1.16 either, because of constant BC crashes. It just happens like this, alas - on some systems some releases just aren't stable. You have to be wary of this whenever upgrading, and always be ready to fall back to a known working version when you discover a problem.

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Try uninstalling Kaspersky and see if you get rid of the problem.

I can't understand for sure, from your first post, if this problem occurred before installing Kaspersky or after but it's worth a try, since we've seen quite a good deal of issues related to Kaspersky.

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