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Crash TCP/IP

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There was never a good reason for mucking around with tcpip.sys. No one has ever demonstrated that patching, even if successful, resulted in increased speed.

There was a lot of evidence to doubt it, specifically that since Win98 had passed the support period and wasn't ever limited this way, it should have been faster. XP should have noticeably slowed down (compared to W98) when XP's tcpip.sys was upgraded to fix the hole. That didn't happen.

When doing things to system internals, the rule is to make backups. Don't do anything you can't undo. Going to patch tcpip.sys? Back up the old one, to a known safe place, first.

Since you didn't do that, you'll have to extract the old file from your installation disk. If you don't have an installation disk, now you know why you need one.

If your system's installation disk is one of those proprietary system disks that's basically "reformat or nothing", now you know why you should avoid those and the systems they come on.

Aren't you learning a lot today? Pain is an excellent teacher.

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Even if he has an installation disk I'm pretty sure it would have to be a disc with SP3 slipstreamed, as I'm pretty sure that SP3 updates the TCP/IP stack, as well.

So, if his installation disc is not SP3 he should create a SP3 disc first, and only after that extract the file. Or borrow one.

Or hope that the file is still in Windows cache and run System File Checker to restore it. But if it's not, it will ask for the disc, just the same.

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You could probably find out which cab it's in, in SP3 and then extract it manually -- but then it's a b**** to install. Repairing was probably the best option available to you.

You could, of course, find it available for download separately out on the internet. Hmmmmm ...

We've been telling BC's organizational face to stop doing this, but the best they were willing to do was a strongly worded warning.

I think Windows 7 makes your computer get up and walk out of your house if you try this.

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...but i wont know when this bag fix in newer version of bitcomet?

This is not a bug therefore it doesn't need any fixing. It is marked very clear that you shouldn't mess with that option if you don't know exactly what you're doing.

It is always a good idea to read what an option does before clicking on any buttons. If you choose not to, that's your problem, not anybody else's.

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