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Torrent Maker shouldn't be modal


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A "modal" dialogue is basically a pop-up window that must be taken care of, before anything else can be done in that application.

An example is the annoying "Are you Sure?" dialogue that most products display. You have to answer that question before you are allowed to do anything else. Sometimes you can close the window, but that's the equivalent of answering "no" to it.

BitComet's Torrent Maker is like that. When you're making a torrent, you can't do anything else with BitComet. You just have to wait until TorrentMaker is finished before you can start or stop a task, add or delete one, or do anything else.

I can't see a compelling reason why that should be so, and would like to see TorrentMaker and BitComet made independent of each other. Torrent Maker should operate in the background and not affect BC's other operations at all.

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