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So My ISP is Getting on My Nerves.........

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A few weeks ago my ISP (TPG) sent me emails telling me to 'cease illegal activites' and that they would cut off my internet (the emails were about downloading GTA 4 and Batman: Arkham Asylum). This has never happened before and my Dad is not happy.

I need to know how to stop this. Is there anyway I can stop them from monitoring me or will they just stop caring eventually? Do they monitior specific torrents or if they catch you once they'll keep an eye on you? If I forced my listen port to yellow could it prevent this?


EDIT: It probably started when my friend made me download MW2. I didn't even want that stupid game and I think TPG sent me an email about that first.

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"Your friend made you do it"? How old are you, again?

So my friend tells me he's finally found a way to get cracked MW2 and get the MP to work and that my copy of MW2 won't work with the existing method, so I need to download a different copy. Considering I've never given a s*** about CoD online before I though this would be a good time to try something new.

I was wrong.

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