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Progress (%) Deacreasing!!


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Hi, i'm having a very strange problem:

The percentage of my donload is decreasing after I had some issues with my ISP.

It's scary, it stopped at 79,0%, 5 min later... 78,9% ... 78,8%... ando so on.

Now its at 74%!! I'm afraid of losing all the download!

I've found another topic about it, but nobody found an answer, the creator of the thread

said he reinstalled bitcomet and it was done... but i don't wanna lose my download, so

is there anyway I can fix it? or when I reinstall bitcomet is there a possibility of saving the download?

Some screenshots:


Thank you.

Edit: Summary file attached, reinstalling bitcomet does not work for me =/




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When you reinstall BitComet you don't loose your downloads.

This is a weird issue. I recall having heard about it only once before.

The Summary tab might have been more helpful since it contains info about the current task.

What happens if you stop the task and perform a manual hash-check?

Does it happen for all tasks or only for that particular one? If it's only for that one, you may consider the possibility of it being a fake torrent or a poisoned one by anti-p2p agencies.

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When I stop the task, the progress doesn't decrease, and about the hash thing... where i find the original hash to compare with my current downloads one? tried the page where i downloaded it, but nothing. >.<

And I think it's only for this one, tho others are normal. And about a fake torrent... hum... I've seen many good comments about it.

Thank you for the help, I'll reinstal bitcomet. =)

I've posted the summry screenshot above /\

I've reinstalled bitcomet but still decreases, tried another download but it's ok, not decreasing...

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You might want to first look over the comments about that torrent. If others are reporting similar issues, then you can be fairly sure this torrent is intended to waste your time. In that case, look for another torrent from someone else, with the same material. Be sure to read any comments about it before downloading.

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The .torrent file that you originally downloaded to start all this, is what contains the hash numbers for all of the pieces. Your client computes the hash for each piece when it is finished downloading, then compares that result to what the .torrent says it ought to be.

If they don't match, your client discards that piece, marks it as missing in its piece-map and negotiates for it again -- effectively tries to re-download it, not necessarily from the same peers.

A poisoned torrent will have one or more pieces that will, intentionally, not match. Since no one has ever successfully received the non-matching piece(s), nor ever will, this download will continue forever.

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