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Hello.Nice to be here.I like bitcomet, works perfectly.But my question is:does Bitcomet support RSS Feeds?I found out that it has from wikipedia but i can't find them in bitcomet.So does it have or not?If yes then where are they?

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You are treating Wikipedia as a factual source. You should never do that. This is not a criticism of Wikipedia -- they are not a factual source, they say they are not, and they do not strive to be. They are a self-described tertiary information source.

This means that their touchstome is not "is it true?". In fact, Wikipedia specifically prohibits original research, any attempt to find out of something is true or not. Wikipedia also does not accept expert testimony, as in the infamous case of the death of a famous author as reported by a close personal friend who was also a famous author in his own right. Wikipedia rejected this with the infamous, "Citation needed". It wasn't good enough that the guy was at his friend's deathbed and saw him die. He hadn't published it somewhere else on the web so it could be cited.

Just so you're clear on where Wikipedia's horse and cart are located -- where WP WANTS them located.

Wikipedia's touchstone is, "did somebody say it on the web?". It doesn't matter if you're a screaming nutcase outcast as a member of the lunatic fringe by every other member of your profession. To Wikipedia it only matters if you said it on the web.

One can reasonably object to the "pedia" portion of the name as misleading. You can cite Encyclopedia Brittanica as your source, because EB puts considerable effort into making sure what they publish is true before it's published. WP puts none at all into truth.

If you look at the WP article on broadcatching (which underlies all of this RSS claim, see the feetnote), you'll notice those "citation needed" complaints sprinkled all over the article. This indicates that the information is (so far, at least) one person's unsupported assertions. That person is anonymous. He might be an authority on the subject, he might know nothing about it, he might have a big axe to grind on one side of the subject.

There is NO editing, no effort made by Wikipedia to assure that any of the information is even vaguely correct. The notion is that the wiki process will eventually weed the bogus stuff out. That's a doubtful notion at best.

The article lists broadcatching clients. It does not list BitComet. It does list BitLord. BitLord is a very old version of BitComet (I forget which, but around 0.54 or so), released several years ago and never updated since.

The article is as vague as can be, and doesn't describe how it thinks broadcatching is supposed to work well enough to test it, but if BitLord does whatever it does and that supports broadcatching, then I suppose BitComet does it too. If only we could figure out what "it" was.

One possibility is the stand-alone torrent, which is to say, a torrent that does not have a tracker. This is a torrent which is discovered as an url listed in a blog, without a tracker listing. Peers would download the torrent, then find each other at that blog. This was thought, once upon a time, to be an important feature for bittorrent.

That's a very old idea. It predated the occurrence of widely known public trackers like ThePirateBay, and Demonoid which obviate the need. Anybody who wants to can easily make a torrent and post it to a public tracker. It's not a burden, technologically or financially, to anybody to do so. There never turned out to be any great need for this.

What tha writer may be talking about, specifically, is the ability to CREATE a trackerless torrent, which is not specifically an attribute of the client, but of a utility included with the client.

And I never got this to work in BitComet despite a lot of trying. Create such a torrent, yes. Get it to actually work, no. I did this just as a curiosity, and never actually needed or particularly wanted this facility. But as I say, that may be what is meant.

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I'm assuming that you refer to the RSS feeds provided by some of the torrent index sites.

No, BitComet doesn't support that, since all the browsing activities (even the ones generated by internal links from within the application) are performed in the default browser of your system.

At some point it used an internal browser but now BitComet has externalized since long its browsing activities.

You can make an official request though, in the proper section of this forum; maybe the team will consider adding that.

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