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You'll have to use the old fashioned HTTP way (a.k.a. your browser) to download them, most probably.

A simple Google search string such as: "grey's anatomy subtitle portuguese" will reveal quite a few sites where you might start.

You can also search for local (Portuguese) sites which host subtitles (I don't know the Portuguese word for subtitle).

There might be quite a bit of work to download subtitles for a whole series. Most of the times you can find on one site subtitles only for a certain season or even for separate episodes. Sometimes you can get lucky and find subtitles for a whole series on a single site.

But even then, you have to make sure that you got the right set of subtitles (with the same framerate as your files) which will work with your video files. Usually the name of the subtitle file perfectly matching the name of the video file is a good indicator of that but you won't know for sure until you test them with your video files.

Also keep an eye on HTTP mass download sites such as RapidShare, Megaupload and others as they often host RAR archives with subtitles for whole seasons. You may want to use a search engine such as: http://www.searchshared.com/, http://www.sharingengines.com/ or http://filecrop.com/.

Another place worth scooping is the Usenet, in case you have access to it.

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You do want to make sure that you've downloaded the correct torrent. There can be more than one torrent for, say, "Gray's Anatomy Season 1", and you need to get the right one, that the subtitles were created for/with. Often you can find information about this in the comments or discussion about the torrent at the index site, including info about where to get the subtitle files.

You also want to make sure, before you begin your download, to look at all of the available torrents and see if one of them already includes subtitles, either bundled as a separate file, or flattened down into the video. It's easy to overlook that.

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