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how to integrate McAfee site advisor with cometbird??

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good morning administrators

i am here to take ur advise regarding installing mcafee site adviser software.its main function is to prohibit us from dangerous websites while browsing and while searching in web showing colored signals like red,green etc i mean to say similar to WOT addon which we use to install in firefox and cometbird too.mcafee site adviser is a 7 mb file ,when installed,its added as an addon with toolbar on the browser.it had reputation that its working very very efficiently than WOT addon.now the problem is,it is recognizing firefox and IE8 but not our cometbird.now please give me suggestions regarding this whether how can i manually install or integrate mcafee site adviser software with cometbird.if its not possible at present please forward issue this to cometbird developers to make it compatible with mcafee site advisor software.its my sincere request.please please please help me.thank you.

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yeah ur right its plugin.

its my default browser.i dont like to install other browser in my system:lol:

i hope our cometbird team wil make future versions of cometbird compatible with that plugin :blink: ;)

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It's pretty much not possible to make a browser compatible with an extension. It has to be done the other way 'round. In CB's case it's quite simple for the developer, not much more than a name change from Firefox to Cometbird -- or not so much a change but an addition, with the exact same settings otherwise. This makes it a snap for the developer to add one more browser he supports.

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