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Slow Downloads

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I am using a 10mb wireless cable connection and my speed test results are 9.8mb download speed and 0.7mb upload. My OS is Windows 7.

I installed your software yesterday and downloaded an 850mb file very quickly at around 2mb/second but since then my speeds have been decreasing rapidly.

This morning my download speed is only 43kb/s average and upload is around 48kb/s.

I am totally new to all this and would appreciate any help and advise on why this is happening.

I have checked all my setting and they seem OK, nothing has changed since yesterday except the massive decrease in speed.

Thank you.

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Make sure you post in the right section of the forum. CometBird and BitComet are two different applications.

*** Topic moved ***

Did your speed decrease for the same task or for a different one?

I have checked all my setting and they seem OK
You checked them against what? If you are new to this you obviously don't know what they should look like.

Use this settings guide to get a grasp of the most important settings in BitComet. Also you may wanna lend an eye to the New to Bittorrent?? First time using BitComet & Torrents? guide. You can also find other useful guides in the Guides and Tutorials section of the forum.

For up to date information about the BitComet GUI, technical data and a FAQ which covers most of the common problems check the BitComet Wiki pages.

Furthermore, do you have a green status light in BitComet? If not, check this Wiki FAQ topic.

And in the future, if you ask for help on the forum make sure you read and provide all the info requested in the Read This Before Posting announcement which is found on top of every help section of the forum.

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You have confused your units all over your post - like mixing up feet and inches, or meters and centimeters -- of course you get wildly inconsistent results.

Kb is NOT the same as KB. One Byte = 8 bits. 1 KB = 8 Kb

Most sellers like rating things in bits because it inflates the numbers. 1 whole Megabit! sounds exciting. 1.25 KiloBytes, less so.

But one bit is too small a unit to be useful for much, so nearly all network applications including BitComet, use and report only in Bytes.

You must go back through your results and use consistent units throughout. When you measure you must be sure which units you're measuring in and do the conversion where necessary. This in addition to, not in place of, the advice Wiz gave you.

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