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specific time start


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i think what would be a good option would to be able to set a specific time start for a download or all downloads to start. so you can set downloads to start say at midnight for those that have off peek internet usage like me or on a specific date. it could be located in the task properties under a heading like time delay or time options.

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You'll have to make a stronger case than that in order to get something like this introduced.

For starters, if your goal is to fit your downloading activities into some hour intervals when the price/traffic is lower, having an individual time scheduler for every task wouldn't make any difference.

If your goal is something else, then you should explain exactly what it is and the logic behind it. Programming isn't just about designing a graphical interface where the user can click some buttons. It's mainly about devising and implementing algorithms which perform the ultimate functions of the program. And one needs to know exactly what a certain program piece of code should be able to do and what it shouldn't do.

So, before the team could even consider implementing your request they would certainly need to know exactly what it is that you want.

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the current scheduler doesn't restart or start a download automatically unless it was stopped by a scheduler. so how about a script that can start a task from off or grey dot at a specific time. now for you guys in America who have much better broadband plans than Australians this would be very useful and expand to usability of the program. the implementation of the code shouldn't be to hard to do from my programing knowledge. i hope I've put enough detail in if u need more ask some detailed questions.


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That's not true. At present time you either use the Scheduler (enable it) or not. When the Scheduler is enabled all of the tasks will run based on the settings of the Scheduler (start, stop or run at any of the 2 custom set high speed/low speed rates).

Therefore here comes the same question again. What it is that you're trying to accomplish and you can't do with the actual functions available in the program?

Step back, draw a deep breath and thing bigger, beyond "stop this or start that". I'm still at loss as to what is the reason that drives you to want to stop or restart a task by scheduling.

What exactly are to trying to accomplish? You say you want to stop this or restart that.

Why? What are the exact needs you try to meet?

"That is the question". B)

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