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help, with internet connection

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hello, can someone help? i'm still under 1.17 version on bitcomet. since 2 weeks ago when my bitcomet on my internet speed drop from 9000kbp to 2000 kbp. because when i exit the bitcomet the speed comes back to normal, anyone can help with this information please. also no matter how much the download speed i have even is 70kb on the bitcomet.

thank you so much.

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hello greywizard

sorry :)hope this information help or if need more please let me kno

1) 1.18 just update

2) cable modem

3) linksys wrt300n router

4) only the desktop that has bitcomet connect direct to the router (wired)

5) disable Windows Firewall

if i closed bitcomet (no downloading) my speed is 10mb (10000kb) but when i turn on the bitcomet no matter how low the download speed in bitcomet my internet drop to 2mb (2000kb)

this happened in two weeks ago, i did call my internet provider and they did come over and check my speed but nothing wrong. is only happened when my bitcomet is on

thank you so much

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Your rate drops because BitComet is using the remainder of your bandwidth.

You have 11 mbps. You turn on BitComet, which is using 8.5 mbps. You have 2.5 mbps left.

You have $11. You spend $8.50 on a toy. You have $2.50 left, plus whatever toy you bought.

Where's the problem? Your bandwidth didn't drop, you just started using most of it for something else. Speedtest shows you only the currently available bandwidth -- what's left over that you aren't using for other things. If you were downloading a file while you tested, then you'd see a similar lower speed.

Speedtest will give you accurate results for your whole connection only if you aren't using some of the connection for anything else.

If you want to measure your whole connection bandwidth, you need to stop all other applications which use part of that bandwidth while you test. They don't specifically say that because, well, it's sort of obvious.


Separately from the above, you need to keep your units straight, and it sounds like you are confusing feet and inches.

Your ISP sold you your connection measured in bits, because that inflates the numbers. All internet applications including BitComet measure things in Bytes, not bits.

1 B = 8 b

Speedtest will measure in either, but you have to tell it so and you HAVE to keep your units straight, be sure which one you're using and be consistent about it throughout.

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