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Today I posted a query I had regarding the above I have traipsed through faq and topics until my heart slows but cannot find an answer to the above. Surely it could have been easier to answer my query than to lock it out?---- I, unlike some people do not have silicon traversing through my veins. I do not want to know the ins' and outs' of computers---- I just want to know if I am doing things as you expect me to, I do not want to take more than I am entitled to. I have just realized that my percentage taken is in <views><tasks> etc. you knew this, I didn't. I feel if you expect things to run smoothly then you must oil them, I have followed some of your topics and the way you persevere with some amazes me, yet I ask a simple question---my first ever question---- and get this result. I am not new to this, approx.10 years and I have read, as instructed, over and over again, the faq, but still cannot find my answer.

Can you take a jet engine apart and rebuild it so that it is safe to fly 600 souls across the Atlantic, I hope I am right in doubting it! Do you know about computers,yes. Swap places and would you know where to start ? You must realize that when we were in nursery school nobody new where they would end up or what they would be good at.

I am not trying to undermine anyone but some people are meant to go this way, some that. I have even taken the time to punctuate my letter, how's that!


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(He's talking about this thread, for those of you wondering what this is about.)

A wonderful example you've provided us here!

At many points in your rant, you refer to "the above". Alas, there ISN'T a "the above", so nobody has any idea what it is that you're talking about. I had to search for your name, then look for your other posts, just to find out what you were talking about at all.

Why do you think I owe you that? I do not.

However, since you are in this particular subforum, "incomplete and deleted topics", and it says that this is a home for questions which (among other things) have been asked and answered so many times that we wrote them up and put them in the FAQ. But you never looked in the FAQ or searched the forum where you'd find that this issue has been raised very recently many times in the BitComet General forum, and even the most cursory search would have revealed them. You just couldn't be arsed.

Your other questions are well answered in the FAQ and the wiki, but you couldn't be bothered to look.

Instead, we get your tremendous sense of entitlement, that the unpaid volunteers who staff this forum somehow owe you not only writing the answers, but to find them for you and then to read them to you as well -- then we get complaints like yours where we need to take extra time and trouble to try to figure out what you're even talking about.

How dare we blame you for not including the subject of your message in the message? For expecting you to make your questions readable and clear? For expecting you to lift a pinky to try to help yourself first? Shame on us.

So if you don't like the support, I'll happily refund your purchase price and all of the support fees you've paid to date. How's that?

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davelee, we need you to provide required information as listed in "read this before postingd this before posting" so that we can find your specific problem and help you out. And as you didn't provide and it seems you are encountering the same problem about installation in Windows 7. So kluelos recommended you to read that related FAQs in our wiki.

If you read that topic carefully "Possible installation problems related to UAC", I think you may understand what's the instruction in that page.

If you enable UAC, double-click the setup package and click "yes" if windows asks you if you want to elevate the privilege or if you want to continue to install BitComet or things like that. Installation could be success.

If you disable UAC, only administrator account will have access to install BitComet on your computer.

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