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Switched Drives Problem


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Hey so i use a Simple Drive External Hard Drive (which shows as the K: Drive) for all of my downloading and when it starts to get full i move the files to a Western Digital External Hard Drive (which always shows as the M: Drive), which I usually keep plugged into a WD media player plugged inot my tv. Anyway, when I hooked up the WD hard drive it showed up as the K drive and the Simple drive showed up as the M: Drive. Now all my unfinished downloads can't find the place to put them. I went into properties and switched one of the unfinished files to the M pathway hoping i could just do a manual hash check but before i could the file dissapeared... Hopefully i'm missing something simple that someone can help me with? I've done this process many times before and never had this happen....

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Type diskmgmt.msc into the Run box and into the Disk Management console which opens, you can change the letters of your drives.

Windows usually assigns the same letters to your removable disks as long as you connect them in the same order. But there is no guarantee.

If you went along and connected the Western first it's only logical it took the first letter available. Have you tried disconnecting them and reconnecting the other one first?

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Try just plugging in the Simple drive, run the disk managment CP, see what letter it gets assigned, and if it's not K: then do what you have to do to make that so. Then plug in the WD, chose RESCAN from the action menu, make that drive letter correct (M:, I think you said?)

Exit the CP, reboot. Things SHOULD now always come up the way you want them. This works in XP, Vista may be different though.

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