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Salut tuturor.

Folosesc de ceva timp BitComet, dar e prima oara cand intalnesc aceasta problema: incerc sa deschid un torent ( Torrentz, Demonoid, BTjunkie, BitTorrentMonster, etc ) si primesc mesajul: "

Page Not Found. The URL(page) you requested could not be found. It either never existed, has been removed, or you used a mistyped URL". Sistemul meu de operare e Vista Home Premium, BitComet v.1.12. Asta se intampla de vreo doua zile, cred, ultima oara cand am descarcat ceva, a fost vineri, 5 februarie. Habar nu am despre ce poate fi vorba. Am dezinstalat BitComet, l-am instalat din nou fara rezultat. Intotdeauna inchid BitComet prin butonul "Iesi", cu toate sarcinile oprite si inainte de a inchide calculatorul. Ma puteti ajuta? Multumesc

Hi everybody!

I've been using BitComet for some time now, but it's the first time I encounter this problem: I try to open a torrent [site from BitComet's UI] ( Torrentz, Demonoid, BTjunkie, BitTorrentMonster, etc ) and I get the message:

Page Not Found. The URL(page) you requested could not be found. It either never existed, has been removed, or you used a mistyped URL".

My OS is Vista Home Premium, BitComet v1.12. This stared happening a couple of days ago, the last time I downloaded something was Friday the 5th of February. I have no idea of what is this all about. I uninstalled BitComet, I installed it again to no avail. I always close BitComet withe the "Exit" button, with all the tasks stopped and before shutting down my computer. Can you help me? Thanks.

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I want to wait for Vasy, to make sure I understand this correctly, but meanwhile, is there a particular reason you're using 1.12? It is somewhat dated.

Vreau sa-l astept pe Vasy, pentru a ma asigura ca inteleg ce vrei sa zici, dar intre timp, este vre-un motiv anume pentru care folosesti v1.12? Este oarecum veche.

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I assume that you are referring to this error.

It appears that the AtComet site is either encountering some problems or that the team administrating that site is performing maintenance on it's server at this time.

Meanwhile you can access those torrent sites directly from your web browser.

Presupun ca te referi la aceasta eroare.

Se pare ca acel site intampina niste greutati sau ca echipa care administreaza acel site face o revizie a serverului in acest timp.

Intre timp poti accesa acele site-uri cu torrente direct din navigatorul tau web.

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Nu pot spune ca exista un motiv anume care ma determina sa folosesc v.1.12, dar atata timp cat totul a mers foarte bine, nu am cosiderat necesar sa-l innoiesc, ca sa spun asa. Am descarcat tot ce am vrut, la o viteza foarte buna, cu o medie de 400-500kbs, chiar si cand au fost 6 sarcini simultane. In momentul acesta, deja am instalat v.1.18, dar primul lucru facut a fost sa intru aici sa vad daca am vreun raspuns la acea problema. Spuneam ca accesez, de exemplu, un motor de cautare, TorrentZ ( e preferatul meu ) si primesc acel mesaj cu " Page not found......." si la fel, cu Demonoid, ThePirateBay, sau TorrentPortal etc. Nu stiu ce s-a intamplat si de ce.


I can't really say I have a particular reason for using V1.12, but considering it worked very well, I didn't think it's necessary to update it. I downloaded anything I wanted, at a very good speed, with a medium of 400-500kB[?]ps, even when running 6 simultaneous tasks. At this time I have v1.18 installed already, but the first thing I did was to check here to see if someone replied to that problem. I was saying that, for example, when I access a search engine like Torrentz (it's my favorite) I get that message with "Page not found......" and the same happens with Demonoid, ThePirateBay, or TorrentPortal and so on. I don't know what happened or why.

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Salut, Vasy

Da, acesta e mesajul si cum spuneam, e prima oare cand vad asa ceva. Sa inteleg ca este ceva temporar? Ar fi bine, deoarece i-mi placea acel "stil"

de lucru. Deocamdata voi urma sfatul tau, incercasem deja, cu succes, calea asta. Toate multumirile mele si numai bine.

Hi, Vasy

Yes, this is the message, and as I said it's the first time I see it. So you're saying this is only temporary? That would be good, because I like this way of working with it. For now I'll follow your advice, as I already have, successfully. Thanks and my best wishes to you.

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I don't know if it's temporary or not, as I am not part of the team administrating that site. Also, they probably are in vacation until the 20th of this month.

Nu stiu daca e temporar sau nu, pentru ca nu fac parte din echipa care administreaza acel site. Plus ca e posibil ca ei sa fie in vacanta pana pe 20 luna asta.

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If you're happy with a particular version, that's great. I was just wondering if you'd found problems with later versions.

It's important to know exactly what is giving you the errors. That portion of BitComet is a plain old web browser. Many people, including me, do not use it at all. Ever. You can use your everyday web browser instead, you can bookmark your favorite sites without having them change from underneath you, use multiple tabs, and so forth.

You should try visiting each of the sites you saw difficulty with, using your normal browser. I believe you will find there are no problems doing so.

This is because BitComet is using its internal browser to try to load different windows with different content. In the main window it will load the data from the web site you mention. In the lower left window though, BC will try to load data from a completely different site, the BC Passport site, which has absolutely nothing to do with, say, TorrentPortal.

It's only that you are seeing them in windows that gives you the illusion these sites are connected, or that the error is coming from TorrentPortal. This is like one of those fancy televisions that will show you what is on another channel, in a little screen in the corner of the picture. Whatever is going on in that little screen has nothing to do with what's going on in the main display.

The errors you see are coming from that other site, which is what Wiz is talking about.

Daca esti fericit cu o anume versiune, e foarte bine. Ma gandeam doar daca ai gasit probleme in versiunile mai noi.

E important sa stii exact ce-ti da erorile. Acea portiune din BitComet este pur si simplu un navigator web vechi. Multi oameni, incluzand eu, nu-l folosesc deloc. Poti sa-ti folosesti navigatorul tau preferat in loc, poti sa-ti faci marcaje la sit-urile tale preferate fara ca acestea sa se schimbe fara stirea ta, folosesti taburi multiple, si asa mai departe.

Ar trebui sa vizitezi fiecare dintre sit-urile la care ai avut probleme, folosind navigatorul tau normal. Cred ca vei vedea ca nu sunt probleme facand asta.

Asta pentru ca BitComet isi foloseste navigatorul incorporat pentru a incerca sa incarce diferite ferestre avand continuturi diferite. In fereastra principala va incarca date de la sit-ul web mentionat de tine. Dar in fereastra din stanga jos, BC va incerca sa incarce date de la un cu totul alt site, sit-ul BC Passport, care nu re nici o legatura cu, sa zicem, TorrentPortal.

Doar faptul ca le vezi in ferestre apropiate iti da iluzia ca aceste sit-uri au o legatura intre ele, sau ca eroarea vine de la TorrentPortal. Asta e ca unul din acele televizoare care-ti arata ce se intampla pe un alt canal, intr-un chenar mic din coltul imaginii. Orice se intampla in chenarul mic nu are nici o legatura cu ce se intampla pe ecranul principal.

Erorile vin de la acel alt site, despre care vorbeste Wiz.

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