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I use bitcomet 1.18.

My system is windows vista home premium.

I connect using adsl, on a talktalk router.

I use avast home edition.

I utilise defender firewall.

I have been conected and registered with bitcomet for about 6 months,

and have had no problems with any of the above in the past.

But since SUNDAY the 7th FEBUARY 2010 each time i try to connect to a TORRENT from

the TORRENT'S list, the following keeps happening

Page not found

The URL (page) you requested could not be found.

It either never existed, has been removed, or you used a mistyped URL.

You will be automatically redirected to our home page in 5 seconds,

click here if you're not automatically redirected.

And I cannot get a connection to any of the TORRENT SITES.

I would appreciate it if this problem could be resolved.

THANK YOU fixerdude1

Email me

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There is no such thing as connecting to a torrent. You can either download a .torrent file (through HTTP from an index site) or if you already have it, you can create a BitTorrent task out of it. That's pretty much it.

Furthermore, there is no torrents list in the BitComet interface. You have a Task List though, but I doubt that this is what you're talking about.

Your explanation is very flawed since you use arbitrary terms which make it hard to know exactly what you're talking about.

However, from your error message, if I gather right, I think that you're trying to access some torrent index sites from the BitComet interface. If that's the case, you should know that all the HTTP queries originating from the BitComet interface are redirected through a Comet server (atcomet.com) which seems to be down at the moment.

Therefore, use your browser to reach the idex sites directly instead, until the server will be back and running.

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As to what to do about it, you have always had the option to use the BitComet built-in browser, or not. That's purely your own choice. I never use it myself, because I prefer to use my own web browser (Firefox) instead.

If you use the built-in browser then you are dependent on another web site for their favorites list, and if the site is down, this is what happens. They can also change that list without notice, and you can find that a favorite site has vanished. They can fail to maintain that list, so a site like Mininova, which should have been removed quite a while ago, is still there.

Using my own browser and my own bookmarks, it's easy to maintain my own list.

When I run BitComet, I usually leave the View -> Favorites option unchecked. I think this unclutters and cleans up the display. You might give that a try, to see what I'm talking about.

Whether you prefer this or not, you can still use your own browser while the AtComet site is down.

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