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How to reseed files from a multiple file torrent?


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Hello. Im transfering from utorrent and im liking Bitcomet so far. Right now im rebuilding my torrent list and one thing i cant figure out tho is how to reseed files from a multiple file torrent that ive renamed in a different directory. I know how to do it in utorrent but i cant figure it out in Bitcomet. I have 1 torrent that consists of 20 files, and i only want to seed 2 complete, but when i try to add them in Bitcomet it makes me select a folder instead of letting me chose the files. Is it possible? Thanks!

Bitcomet 1.18

DSL router

Windows xp sp3, Nod32

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You need the .torrent file. Open it in BitComet and in the properties dialogue that opens up, choose the save path to point to the directory where your files reside. Make sure the subfolder name on that page matches the name of the folder where your files reside, if you changed its name.

On the same page, unselect all the files but the ones you want to seed and then hit "Download now"; it will automatically detect the files under the download path and ask you if you want to perform a hash-check.

Choose "Yes" and the task will be added to the Task List and a hash-check performed. After it's finished hash-checking the task will start automatically. If you've done everything right it should be seeding (displaying a red upward pointing arrow).

So, to resume, the steps you'll always have to follow in cases like this (picking up a download/seeding operation), are:

  • open the .torrent file in BitComet;
  • on the properties page which pops up make sure that the download path points to the location of your completed files/folders;
  • add the task to the Task List (Download Now) and choose "Yes" when asked if you want to perform a hash-check;

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Well, they are in a folder, aren't they? I don't think you're keeping your video files in the root of the drive, do you?

AFAIK BitComet is compelled by the BitTorrent protocol to have at least one root folder for multi-file torrents. That's why you can't leave the Subfolder field blank.

Although it beats me what difference does it make if you placed your files in a subfolder for that torrent instead of leaving them "floating" free, for the sake of clearing this up, I'll go along.

So, set the "Save path" parameter one level up from the location where your files reside (i.e. if they are in D:\Videos then set it to D:\) and set the subfolder as the folder where they are now (i.e. Video).

That should do it.

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One step ahead of ya Grey. =) Already tried it but it still forces to create 2 additional separate sub-folders for each file because of the layout of the torrent's directory.

Is there any chance that a future version of Bitcomet will make this whole situation a little easier? Thanks for the help Grey.

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This issue has been a point of discontinuity between the clients forever. When you try to seed, you've probably noticed that BC wants to point to one level higher in the tree than µT does. Changing this means that everyone who painfully learned that now has to unlearn it, so this is not a trivial change. I don't really see that one way is better than the other, outside of personal preference, and there are enough other things to do that I can't see this happening unless some developer is just moved to tackle it.

If it does, there will be a lot of complaints following, which makes the burden harder on the support team, so we wouldn't be anxious to see this happen, Much like MSIE, there would probably have to be a "compatibility mode" for the old method, following quite a few complaints and fuss. I truly do not want to start down that road.

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@ vato76: This has nothing to do with BitComet.

It is the structure of directories defined in the torrent file, upon its creation.

It is recorded into the info key according to the BitTorrent specifications, thus it cannot be modified without modifying the torrent file altogether (it would yield a different info-hash which means it wouldn't be in the same swarm anymore).

If you're so keen on keeping your own directory structure, you'll have to create new .torrent file(s), upload it/them on the Internet and seed.

Or leave the files into their specified folders until you finish seeding. Unless you plan seeding them forever, that shouldn't be that much of an issue.

For a multi-file downloaded torrent changing/renaming the root download folder is just about as far as you can go, at present time, given the current protocol specifications.

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