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SMS Updates to cell phone.

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I was wondering if it would be possible to include SMS updates for file progress of currently downloading content.

A way I was thinking, would be to use a Webmail account.

Bitcomet could maintain my gmail information, and when my gmail account receives an email from 4447772345@vtext.com stating "Bitcomet: progress"

Bitcomet would email 4447772345@vtext.com with the progress of the current downloads.

A simplified way of doing this, would be just allowing the user to enter his number into Bitcomet, and it being capable of sending/recieving messages through Bitcomet, (Through maintaing an account that would link with the cell phone number).

Just some ideas, I would definitely use this feature, at least for notifications when a download completes.

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why you need such services? i don't think of a single reason which would support your idea.even if you are away from your system you won't be that faraway that you need SMS service to see mere progress.even if i assume so,let's say that you put your pc switched on for torrent download and left for office but,you can see your progress once you came back to home like how much downloaded/uploaded on top of that we have bitcomet's log records,average upload/download speed etc.what good a progress report or 'task completed notification' on a task would do? what ever the progress rate it will be downloaded,whenever it completes you can access it only when you are in home,in-front of your system.

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There are already numerous VPN-like services that let you remotely access your computer. These let you see the screen and operate the mouse/keyboard from another computer, so you can see and do anything that doesn't require you to be physically present at the machine (like, push the power switch or unplug something). You can monitor BitComet's activity, stop or start torrents, etc., as if you were at the console.

There's one called "GoToMyPC" that's probably the most widely advertised, but there are a LOT of them. Google "pc remote" and have fun. But with all these available, there's not much point to the niche feature you describe.

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