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Bitcomet doesn't work with a router


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1) What version of BitComet are you using?--1.02

2) What type of Internet connection do you have (ADSL, etc.)?--Router connected with cables

3) Do you have a modem? Do you use a router? What make and model are each one of them? Have you forwarded your port?--Yes I have a modem, yes I have a router, the modem is Motorola SB5101 and the router is Edimax BR-6424n. What is forwarding a port?

4) If you have more than one router, be sure to mention the make and model of both devices, how are they connected (i.e. in which connector of both devices is the network cable plugged) and which one of the devices is connected to or is the modem.

Also, if you have more than one computer make sure to mention in this case, to which router is every one of them connected.--I only have one router who is connected to the PC and PS3

5) What version of Windows, Firewall and Antivirus do you use?--XP, Window's firewall, AVG antivirus.

6) If you are asking about a specific torrent or file that you have downloaded, make sure that you include the complete torrent name, as well as the complete names of the files and their respective extensions/formats (e.g.: .rar, .wma, .bin, .cue, etc.).--I had problems with everything

7) For speed-related issues, please run various speed tests at a site such as speedtest.net (make sure that no other computer is using your Internet connection and that all other programs - including BitComet - are closed, during the tests). Include the results, along with the settings that you are presently using, in your post, so that we may review and offer suggestions to improve its performance.--Its not the speed, its the fact that nothing works the download stands on like 5 and upload on 6

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The internet works somewhat like the postal service, everyone and everything has an address and a port, in order to send something to someone/thing you need to know his/its address and port. Your router acts like your local post office, if it receives a connection it needs to know either if it's for your pc or your ps3, so you need to assign a static ip to your pc and forward a port to that ip so that BitComet can listen to it and receive that connection. If you don't know how to forward a port in your router read the manual bundled with it or go to portforward.com and read the tutorials for your router or if it's not listed there read the guides for the other routers to understand how it's done. Some routers either call it nat setup, game and application sharing or virtual servers, etc.

BitTorrent is a peer to peer protocol, meaning that you contact other peers in order to download and upload data from/to them and the other peers try to contact you as well. The problem with not forwarding your port is that others cannot initiate a connection to you and you rely only on those peers that you initiate a connection to. Also, the others must have their port open (forwarded) in order for them to receive a connection from you. Port forwarding does not affect other protocols, like http (web browsing) where you are contacting a server and that server is replying to you. The server will not try to contact you.

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My modem type BR-6424n is not featured in the site and I lost the manual, is there any way I can know what is my port?

Edit: I downloaded the manual and forwarded the ports but I don't know what ports to open or what does it mean, I just entered 4667-4672 in a pretty mindless way

Edit 2: Okay I forwarded those ports, now what do I do?

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BitComet needs one port open (preferably above 50000) for both tcp and udp protocols. So you should enter the same number in both port number boxes. And make sure it allows both udp and tcp protocols.

To further help you, would you kindly post a screenshot of the page where you forward your ports? Make sure you hide any private information(ip address, port, etc)

After you successfully forward the ports, open BitComet and go to options; select "connection" and enter the port number you've just forwarded in the "listen port" box. The port status light should turn green within seconds from when you click "OK", if it does not then you either entered a different port in BitComet or you didn't forward the ports correctly.

Also, set your computer to have a static ip, if you don't it will change without notice and you'll need to forward your ports again. You'll find a guide for this at portforward.com.

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The port status light is just an indicator, and it is relying on a bitcomet server to test the ports. The faq Wiz gives you says:

  • Icon_103.PNGGray: Unknown

A gray light means your client did not get a response to the connection attempt, from the probe server. The server may be down and unresponsive. The server may be blocked by your ISP, or may be temporarily unreachable due to network conditions. If this condition persists:

  1. You might have a network problem. See whether you can connect to anybody, by any means, anywhere.
  2. Your third-party firewall might be blocking BitComet. Make sure BC is allowed to access the Internet on all ports. (Do NOT disable your firewall! Configure it.)
  3. The probe server might be down. Check the BitComet support forum for announcements of extended down time
  4. Software you've installed might be blocking you. Check for software changes which might block connections to IP ranges.
  5. Your ISP may block connections to the BitComet server. There is no solution for this. Try alternative methods mentioned below.
  6. Rarely, it might just be a minor network glitch. Simply try again later.

Click here for information and alternative methods to verify that your listen port is open - an open listen port is equivalent to a green status light.)

Read the rest of the faqs at http://wiki.bitcomet.com to better understand BitComet and its features.

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1) What do you mean if I can connect to someone? Sending email you mean?

2) Checked, allowed

3) Might be, I will just see if it sometimes working

4) It only happens with the Router, not with the Modem. Doubt it has something to do with Softwares

5) Whats ISP and how do I know if it is blocking BC?

Checked if it worked using the guide, here is the result:

NAT port mapping: Failed [uPNP device not found!]

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If it only happens with the router that definitely means that you didn't forward your port correctly.

In fact if it's always gray only with the router in the loop, that means that the router is badly configured altogether, not allowing even outgoing connections.

UPnP port mapping is always reported as "failed" in case of manual port forwarding, so there is nothing to worry about that.

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