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The lastest 1.19 version is released


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v1.19 2010.02.21

GUI Improved: Torrent maker dialog changed to modeless window

GUI Improved: supports edit Tracker URL for Magnet URI task before torrent downloaded

GUI Improved: new command in Tools menu: enable eMule plugin, show/hide plugin window

GUI Improved: support set task tags in BT/HTTP task properties dialog

GUI Improved: move downloaded files to tag associated folder optionally when add task tag using task context menu

GUI Improved: supports switch input focus to list control inside task tabs by Tab key

GUI Improved: add icons to task context menu

GUI Improved: display "not supported" in ed2k link field of file list for private torrents

GUI Improved: new setting in advanced page of option dialog: system.show_debug_info

GUI Bugfix: can't drag&drop download links to floating windows from IE8 in Win7

GUI Bugfix: the save path edit-box in BT/HTTP task properties dialog doesn't support mouse wheel

GUI Bugfix: Web interface doesn't support to download Magnet URI

GUI Bugfix: the last task in task list doesn't get refreshed in some situation

Core Improve: support BitTorrent Extension Protocol of peer exchange, compatible with BitTorrent mainline

Core Improve: new eMule plugin (based on Xtreme 7.2 mod)

Core Bugfix: after removing tasks without removing files, the Long-Time Seeding for these files won't stop immediately

Core Bugfix: after disable LT Seeding in option dialog, running tasks won't stop downloading from Long-Time Seeding immediately

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Probably not. Since a great many others have been and are installing and running BC without issues, this is probably not due to a defect in BitComet. But even if it were, this is the wrong forum to report it. This forum is called "Announcements", and is for general announcements that affect everybody. Your personal issues and errors belong either in General questions, or if you have reasonable grounds to think an issue is an actual BitComet bug, in the Bug Reports forum.

It would be appreciated if you would post messages in the appropriate forum.

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