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Problem regarding bitcomet blog post


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I've moved this to General questions. I'm aware that the only help you can find for the blogs points you here, but we aren't really prepared to support the blogs. We have no administrative authority, and most of us have no experience with them. The only thing we could do is experiment with them and learn by doing, which is the same thing you're probably doing. Sorry we can't be of more help.

I did try it myself, and the error message came from the 5-minute autosave. The blog also failed to save when I tried to publish, save as draft, or click the autosave. The message gives no information about what kind of error occurred.

If somebody who has some authority over the blogs wanders through the forum and sees this, there's a problem saving anything on the blogs.

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I agree. In order for us to be of any help on the blog side, we would need to be in direct contact with at least one of the persons which administer the site and which can make modifications or give explanations about all the stuff that's going on there.

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