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Hello PPl.

I am having a problem with all my Torrents, About three years ago I was a mad Torrent Fiend, but then all of a sudden the program stopped working, refused to connect to the download Torrent servers.

When I looked into this further, I have found that the port that Bit Commet, E Mule, Shareza, LimeWire, all of these are blocked. Does anybody have any experience in Countering this blatant invasion of the freedom of sharing public domain information? Is there some way to scan my own ISP to find out what Ports it allows and use the appropriate one? you know, like adjust the port Bit Comet uses to one that the ISP or Firewall isn't blocking?

Any advice on this matter would be of great help. Are there any comuter network savvy fellows out there who still have loyalty to the freedom of information gathering movement? I hope so. We have to ensure our right to access This kind of software, before the Government enables a LAW that allows them to Opress us and call us criminals!

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I have a few things I don't understand in your post.

... all of a sudden the program stopped working, refused to connect to the download Torrent servers

This is a very vague and inconsistent description of your problem.

  1. There is no such thing as "download Torrent server". At least not in the traditional way how it is in HTTP/FTP downloads. Therefore your description leaves us nowhere. You could be speaking about torrent index sites or about tracker servers. But who knows? We hope at least you do!
  2. What do you mean that the program stopped working? You mean your BitTorrent client hasn't worked at all in the past 3 years?

Furthermore you should take into account the following:

  1. BitComet (and all BitTorrent clients for that matter) can use any port the user chooses. It is a customary practice to pick high number ports so as to not interfere with other applications. But other than that, there is nothing forcing you to use a specific port number. However in order to get decent downloading speeds, other conditions must be met as well: you must have an open port (not blocked by a software/hardware firewall, NAT router or by your ISP), your client must be configured properly and the torrents you seek must have enough peers and aggregate copies of the files to sustain the download.
  2. You seem very convinced that your ISP is the culprit here. And that may very well be the case. But until we are presented more detailed information to corroborate that hypothesis, you're alone on that assumption.
  3. Even if your ISP is the one responsible for your issue (whatever that may be) you should note that usually P2P traffic is being throttled based on some smarter techniques (such as deep-packet-inspection) than blocking your port. That is, unless you use a mobile (wireless) connection, because most of those have the ports blocked in the ISP's router by default.
    In order to circumvent traffic throttling, BitComet (and most of the other BitTorrent clients as well) included since long an option to encrypt connections between peers, in order to render the content of traffic indistinguishable for the equipments on the ISP side.
    The ISPs have replied by developing even more sophisticate detection techniques which can detect P2P traffic even when encrypted. The good news is that not all ISPs use this latter mentioned methods for traffic throttling, so you may actually get a chance, by enabling connections encryption, if that's your real problem.

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AH. Though I was Pretty sure I included enough information for The average company Tech Service guy to answer a problem I have been having persistently for over a year, I guess I have to wait till He feels personally that He wants to give me an answer.


I said, I am having trouble connecting to BIT Comet,My Bad Bit Comet dosn't have servers like E Mule, but nonetheless "YOUR PROGRAM IS NOT FUNCTIONING"'

You ask me to be more specific, I told you the PORT is being blocked somehow. I asked you for a method of detecting what ports weren't blocked and you elude the answer.

THE EXACT PROBLEM IS . . . I have a YELLOW, see YEELL O WWWWW Light in the bottom right corner of the screen, when i hover the mouse over it it says,

"Your listening port is Blocked, You can still download but the speed will not be very fast, Please check your Firewall and NAT router settings."

NOW Do you see the problem your program is having with the network I'm on? Now to MY QUESTION. HOW? Praytell does one go about checking their "NAT Router Settings"


I even placed it in capitals so as to make it easy for tired old eyes to read.

Thanks so much for taking to time to Excercise your intellect for a minute and strain your brain to help a "CUSTOMER" Get his software working when It has been

"FAILING" For the past three years. It's a relief to know that you guys are really concerned at how your product is performing for everyone who wishes to use it, not

just the small percent of the population it works flawlessly for.

Oh and just in case you nitpick this one apart too, the PORT It is trying to use as a listening port, is

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Helping a customer, you say? Since you don't seem to be happy, customer, I will cheerfully (see, I'm smiling) refund your entire purchase price and all of the support fees you've paid to date.

Since Wiz made you feel unloved, I will also suspend his salary from providing support on this forum, indefinitely.

In fact, I'll suspend my own, and Cassie's and Vasy's too. That ought to teach us.

Since this isn't helping you any, I'll go ahead and close the topic. Meanwhile you should probably go and find a forum that suits your temperament a little better. Perhaps you should change clients. Yes, come to think of it, that's a great idea. You should download and install µtorrent, and ask your questions in their forum. I think they would suit your, uh, style.

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