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how to limit upload connections


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Hello there. I am new working with Bitcomet(used Utorrent for 5 years but a bug came up...) and i am having a "problem", since i am an uploader\seeder(its a part of my job). Thing is, i upload and seed torrents on public trackers and i would like to limit the number of connected peers to my torrents. Is this making sense? In other words, what happens is that i have like 20 peers at same time connected in each torrent, and some get to 60% file completion and disconnect. How do i limit to, lets say, 10 peers\torrent so theese peers download the whole file? Is there any option or menu i have to check or uncheck? i went through preferences and didn´t found anything related to this issue.

Im not sure if this makes sense to u, sorry for my strange english...im Portuguese and i try my best to make myself understood...

Thanks in advance.

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Bittorrent doesn't really permit this and doesn't work this way. Acting as a seeder, your client seeks to distribute pieces as widely as possible. It tries not to give multiple, sequential pieces to the same peer. The nature of bittorrent is that most of your pieces should come from other peers, not from seeds.

When a peer disconnects from you, it hasn't done anything wrong, anything unfair, and generally, not anything that's under the control of the user. Clients make and manage their own network connections, better and faster than you can do it. They connect and disconnect in an evolutionary search for better connections. Every connection and every actual transfer (not the same thing at all) are mutual decisions. You can't give peers pieces that they aren't asking for. You can't force them to take a piece from you, especially if you aren't the best source for that piece. Some other peer may be getting it to them much faster than you are or can, so the client gets that piece from them, not you. They may even decide to disconnect from you because, seeder or not, you aren't a productive connection for them.

Attempting to manage the swarm usually results in slowing things down, not speeding them up. You can't know enough, fast enough, to do a better job than the software already does.

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