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bitcomet-ultra-accelerator under Win7


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I can't install bitcomet-ultra-accelerator 3.2.0 under Win7 - is it me or my OS has gone deaf? - I don't get as much as a message, even though it seems to work (but how could I tell?) when copied over from Vista as a directory. any ideas what to do?

(my AVG firewall, spybot and win defender don't seem to block it)...

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There is no such thing as a bittorrent accelerator. Every piece you give or take is the result of a negotiation with someone downloading &/or uploading just like you. Every peer will try to find, connect and transfer from the peers that give the needed pieces faster.

So,(this does not guarantee high speeds, nothing can guarantee any speed in any peer to peer protocol, unless it buys a better ISP contract for each and every peer you connect to, the words impossible and absurd come to mind) bittorrent can only be "accelerated" by:

a. having a listen port open for incoming connections,

b. limiting the global max upload speed of BitComet to 80% of your tested upload speed, leaving the 20% for traffic overhead,

c. upgrading your contract with your internet service provider to have a better upload speed.

What you have is nothing but a scam.

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If you will bone up a little bit on exactly how bittorrent works and what it is, you'll soon come to understand why the claims made by the various accelerators cannot be true. For example, that they'll connect you to more seeds: all such connections are mutual decisions, and nothing that your client can do will somehow compel any other client to connect to yours. ("Bolt this government-suppressed device on your engine to dramatically increase your gas mileage!')

Simply configuring your client correctly will do everything that an accelerator can do for you. Running an accelerator is a waste of resources, and none of them can produce objective proof that they do a thing for you. So as to wny win7 won't run them, we don't know and think it's very indicative of the quality of the software, that it won't run. You'll have to ask the people who wrote the thing.

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