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DVD yes another NewB from Canada


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Hi its megiraffe79

Yes I'm another newb from Canada. How is everyone? I was wonderring if my system is really going to be capable of handling these huge downloads. I'm hoping my computer doesn't crash. Does anybody know if the TV show downloads can be burned to DVD and watched from DVD then deleted from computer? Any help would be appreciated...

me :rolleyes:

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Any video file can be burned to DVD. As for watching it on TV the answer is yes, too.

You just need to know what video formats your DVD player is capable of decoding, so that you burn it in the right format on the disc. But just burning in DVD-Video format is the safest way to go, if you're not sure.

OTOH, if your player is capable of decoding DivX or XviD formats then you probably can leave them in the format you downloaded them (assuming they use one of the codecs your player is capable of decoding).

There are tons of step-by-step tutorials for that and for any conversions this might imply as well, on the net. Along with the right tools to do it.

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I'm a little unsure what you're asking, but the answer is pretty much, 'yes" to all of the above.

  • You can download a tv show to your computer's hard disk.
  • You can watch it from there.
  • You can burn it to a dvd as data (that is, not as a VideoDVD). MUCH more economical. 5 feature movies on 1 disk. 12 TV episodes on one disk.
  • You can watch that disk with your computer.
  • You can watch most such disks with most modern DVD players that say they are DivX-compatible.
  • You can convert the download to VideoDVD. (Very wasteful, takes up much more space for no gain. 1 feature movie per disk. 2, perhaps 3 TV episodes per disk.
  • You can watch that conversion on your computer.
  • You can burn the conversion to a video DVD.
  • You can watch the video DVD on your computer
  • You can watch the video DVD on most (but not quite all) dvd players. Very very old ones can still have problems with it.
  • You can delete the video, in any or all forms, from your computer.

You can download half a season of "House" over 6 months, store it on your hard disk, rewatch the episodes, then when you have a dozen of them, burn them off to a DVD in their current format, label it "House, Season 6A E 1-12), then delete them from your hard disk and add the DVD to your existing collection of "House" Seasons 1 through 5 on ten DVD's which you can also rewatch when you wish. Does that answer your question?

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Hi Ya Tech Staff...thanks so much for your prompt and helpful replies...with my limited computer hardware 'specs' can I watch the downloads on my computer? One problem I am already noticing is that when I try to 'preview' a download it pauses every 30 seconds or so.

I only have an 80 gb hard drive...is that enough room for video downloads? Also I have a 2,66 hz processor, is this speed enough to play the videos properly?

Thanks again for your help. megiraffe79

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The preview function does what is says; it previews. It can't play what isn't there already. It's meant to let you see if what you download is a valid file or a fake.

You need to finish the download of a file in order to be able to play it seamlessly.

Only you can decide if the size of your HDD is large enough for the amount of video files you want to store on it. Torrents on index sites usually display the file size, so that you'll be able to make informed decisions before starting the download.

The rest of your questions are answered in your other thread.

Please use the other sections of the forum for further questions; this one is merely for introduction.

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