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Hi There, I am a newbie from Canada, and I just downloaded a TV show. I'm thinking now my system most likely doesn't meet the necessary requirements to play video downloads. But I was hoping I could double check with people here before I uninstall everything.

My system is a windows XP, with 512 mb ram, a 2.66 GHZ processor and 80gb hard drive.

Is this system too old to watch videos? I've never watched videos on my computer, but recently I bought a ASUS graphic card for it. So I thought I should download something to give it a try.

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to learn more about the computing world.

Megiraffe79 :rolleyes:

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Your system meets all the requirements to play digital video files.

I've played video on my PC since I was owning a 800MHz Duron with 256MB RAM on Win98.

Since you gave no details whatsoever about the file type or the video codec they use, nor about the video player you're trying to use or about the results of your attempts, there isn't much we can dwell upon.

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I'm trying to download LOST the first season. I'm sorry I'm really naive about codecs, not sure what that word means. I noticed the files seem to be downloaded as SRT and AVI extensions. I really appreciate the help your giving me, and double appreciate your patience. The download is taking so long, I figure that my system just isn't capable, but this is wonderful news if my system can play these files!!

Thanks again...megiraffe79, aka Canadian newbie.


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First you say:

...I just downloaded a TV show.

then you say:

The download is taking so long, I figure that my system just isn't capable...


So which is what? Do you have a video file to test on your system or not?

Besides, I can't figure out how you came to the conclusion that your system isn't capable of playing video files because the download is slow.

It's like saying that your blender won't start because your neighbor's cat ran from home.

The two facts are totally unrelated.

Downloading is performed by a P2P client and depends highly on your Internet connection's speed, your client's settings and the availability of the resource you're trying to download, whereas the ability to play digital video files, ceased entirely to be a hardware issue once the run-of-the-mill PC systems' processors overcame the 1GHz barrier and is the responsibility of a software video player.

The rest is just having the right software installed on your machine.

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