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udp and tcp

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Hi! i read most of the topics but i cannot find my answer so here it is

i'm using a rooter 2701HG-G Gateway, i opened a port las weekend a tcp port,everithing was find but today as i clicked on my wan green light it said i had no udp port opened, What i did is i opened the same port with another description and opened it as udp??? since then my download speed as gone to abou 350kb/s to about 50kb/s i'm downloading the same file as before i opened the port. I also opened the port of my firwall in windows

Thanks in advance to take the time to answer me

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1. There is a Read This Before Posting announcement on top of this section; read it and answer all the questions.

2. What color is your status light now?

3. What are your connection settings in BitComet?

4. What does the Peers tab show you? (post a screenshot)

5. What does the Statistics tab tell you now?

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Opening a udp port (or not) is not going to affect your download speed one way or another. It will allow you to connect to the DHT network (uses only UDP), which may get you some more peers than you'd otherwise have. Once you have those peers, though, they're treated exactly the same. You need to be looking elsewhere.

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It is not literally the same port. It is just the same port number.

But TCP and UDP protocols use separate port address spaces, even though they are both from 0-65535. Therefore you can use the same port number if you are using different protocols (UDP or TCP). Because a socket is formed by IP address and protocol port number.

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