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Thank you for your attention and consideration! Details:Windows Vista 6.0.6002 and Firewall/DSL/Siemens Speedstream 65200 modem/AVG Anti-Virus/Download Speed 5.15mb/s - Upload 67mb/s

Descript.of problem: After selecting at btjunkie,or other on-line downloads, the entry appears at BitComet 1.15; however,no downloading occurs, even with Firewall Off

The bottom line reports -Green Light:DHT Connected

-Grey Light:Detect Failed (Your Listen Port Status is Unknown)

Above that line, the following information appears:

Overall Tasks: Total:1/Running:1

TCP Connections: Established: 0 [Max:Unlimited]/Half-Open:0[Max:200]

Lan IP:

Wan IP

Listen Port of TCT 9341 (Detect Failed)

Listen Port of UDP 9341 (Detect Failed)

Windows Firewall: Added (TCP opened, UDP added)

NAT port mapping: Waiting for query IP address

Overall Download... 0 kb?s [Max:Unlimited] Max Connection Limits: 50 per task

Overall Upload Ra... 0 kb/s [Max:Unlimited] LT Seeding: 0 kb/s [Max:Unlimited] All BT Upload Slots: 0

Free Phys Mem: 2 GB(Min to keep: 50MB)

Disk Cache Size: 0 B (Min: 6 MB, Max: 50MB)

Disk Read Statistics: Request: 0 (freq: 0.0/s), Actual Disk Read: 0 (freq:0.0/s). Hit Ratio: 0.0%

Disk Write Statistics: Request: 0 (freq: 0.0/s), Actual Disk Write:0 (freq:0.0/s. Hit Ratio: 0.0%

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What you transfer comes from others like yourself. It follows that there must *be* others like yourself, who are interested in any given torrent's contents. More, there must have been someone who had the entire contents, and was willing to share with others, and there must still be such. This is the essential ingredient, and why P2P is called that. There must be peers. You and they must contact each other, and exchange pieces of the torrent's contents.

If a torrent has no peers, or none who have any part of the torrent, it follows that there can be no downloads by anyone. If nobody is uploading, nobody will be downloading.

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The BitComet port probing server is up and running therefore there must be a problem on your side, if you have a gray status light.

You should first disable UPnP in BitComet and on your router. It obviously doesn't work at present time, since your BitComet waits forever for a response to its UPnP queries.

After that, make sure that you manually forwarded your listen port on your router. Use the guide in the Wiki if you have any doubts as to how to do it: Manually Configure Port Mapping at Router setup page.

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Actually, the gray light doesn't indicate a problem on your end. It indicates that BitComet cannot contact its test server. That can happen for many reasons including some that have nothing to do with you and which you cannot solve. Most typically, it happens when your ISP is blocking all traffic to addresses it thinks are suspicious and includes the port test server as one of them. It can also happen for any network reason including servers in the middle being too busy, so your request or the acknowledgment expire before they get where they're going.

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