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Rotate and flip does not work

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I think the topic title says it all. Turn 180 and Flip Vertical does not work. (playing H.264 | 1280x720 MP4)

I'm sorry but you can't be serious with this program. Within 2 minutes I keep finding crashes and items that do not work. Please only release a program when it is tested and as far as beta testing goes, please consider people who actually KNOW how to test a program. With this said, I am uninstalling the program because I just don't want to bother with it any more. Thanks for trying, though.

WinXP Pro SP3 32bit

Intel Q9550 x4 | 4G

GeForce GTX 275

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1. what version do you use? I use 4.4 and flip vertically works perfectly (with a h264 encoded video). ;)

2. what other items are not working? Crashes? Would you kindly be more specific on that? :unsure:

I'm sorry, but developers of freeware programs like MPCStar cannot afford to hire a testing team and they rely on a community of people, just like you and me, to test it. The bigger and kindlier the community is, the better the software gets. If freeware doesn't cut it for you, look for paid software with a bigger budget. :P

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