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What OS type do you have?

What BC version?

Does this happen with every browser or only with Firefox?

Which file file were you trying to download from that page and how?

(I've opened the page and couldn't find any .mp4 files, all I did find were Flash video files, since this is a streaming site.)

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You've asked to download a file. As is usual in the process, the system wants to make sure you have enough disk space for the download, so naturally, it asks the remote system, "how big is this file?". The remote system doesn't answer. Now what?

This is where you are with that screenshot.

Don't know the size, so don't know if you have enough room or not. Want to download it anyway and chance falling off the edge of the disk drive? Want to save it somewhere else instead?

I want to point out that you certainly are NOT downloading an mp4 file as you seem to have been expecting. As it says, you're attempting to download an .html file, and I further gather that isn't something that's normally supposed to be downloaded.

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