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Torrent Download for GPS Update


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I’m new to torrent downloads. I went to the BitComet Forums and read “How do you open your completed torrent downloads” and “New to Bittorrent?? First time using BitComet & Torrents”.

I used BitComet to successfully download a torrent file. I received a .ISO 7.38 GB file and a .MDS 9K file. I downloaded Alcohol 120% and can’t figure out how to use it to do what I need.

My questions is: How do I get these files divided into the 10-15 files that are needed buy the GPS system?

I’m running a Windows 7 PC with a double layer DVD.

Please provide step by step instructions.

Thanks, Al

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What you have downloaded are images of optical disks.

In the normal course of things, you would use an application such as ImgBurn to load the downloaded images, then burn them to the appropriate CD or DVD blank disk. You would then load that newly burned disk into a disk drive, and look at/work with the contents.

In this case, you would install Alcohol 120% and with it, create one (or more) virtual optical disk drives. Using the Alcohol menu, you would tell that virtual drive to load the image you have downloaded, pointing it to where the image resides on your hard disk. Having done this, you would now be in the same situation as you would in the normal course. You would use Windows Explorer to look at the virtual disk drive by its drive letter, treating it just as if it were an actual physical drive connected to your system, with a newly-burned disk in it.

Say that I have a hard drive, volume C:, and a dvd drive, volume D:.

Loading Alcohol 120%, I create a new virtual drive, E:.

I tell Alcohol to mount my image in E:.

Now I use explorer to look at the contents of E:.

If there's a file named 'autorun.exe", I run it. If there's a file named "autorun.ini", I drag it onto notepad to see how this disk is supposed to start, and I do whatever that is. If there's a file named "setup.exe", that's probably the installer, so i run that.

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OK, I'm making progress.

I created a virtual DVD drive (E) using Alcohol 120%, mounted the .ISO file (7.38 GB) on virtual DVD drive (E), went to Windows Explorer and looked at drive (E). There are no autorun.exe, autorun.ini and no setup.exe files. There are many other files but nothing like the prior 3 files.

I tried mounting the other file created in the torrent download, the .MDS file (9K), but when I go into Windows Explorer and look at virtual drive (E) it shows all the files from the .ISO file (7.38 GB). I rebooted the PC but the files are still there.

Now what?

Thanks for your help in getting me to here.


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Now, you go and read (or search and find first, if you don't have it yet) the documentation for the GPS system that uses this type of files so that you find out how to use them.

This is a forum for torrent-related issues, therefore, I really doubt that there are many who can tell you exactlyy what to do with your files.

And even if you'll find someone who's knowledgeable enough, since you didn't say neither what type of GPS device you use, or what type of files does the .iso image contain he would have no place to start.

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