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false torrents


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hiya...can you tell me why there are so many false dvdr ..when i first started two years ago things were simple...you picked what you wanted then tuc it and shared it.but now there is so much wood i can not see the tree's.i know i should wait for release date...but when you see them all begging to be taken its hard to resist.and what is the porpose of so many false torrents. thx you for reading

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Well, that happens mostly because you seek content which is not free by definition. That is, you should pay for it.

Therefore, the organizations protecting the copyright took some steps as well to counter that.

99% of those torrents are released by MPAA/RIAA shills, so as hinder and discourage those who seek copyrighted files.

The rest of 1% may be released by clods who find nothing better to do with their time.

There are also, some non-fake but password-protected releases which direct you to some sites where you have to register or go through some steps; all this to the end of either getting some money from you before accessing the file or infecting your PC with malware.

Some of the latter ones may also be released by the above mentioned shills.

You should use your common sense.

If a work of any kind is still not released to the general public in any way (i.e. a movie is not even in the theaters at that time) the chances that you will find it in a torrent are slim to none.

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