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Slow Speeds but there is seeds?

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Hi ive been using bitcomet for a year now and always i dont have problems, ive moved house and setup new ISP new router etc..

i have fast internet connection


but bitcomet downloads at about 5-6kbs whatever torrent which i make sure has plenty of seeds??

as i said new router so i might need to change portforwarding i have got a linksys router DHT Connected and both green lights on Bitcomet.

Also downloads from non torrents downloads at over 1000kb/s

Any idea's on what to try?

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Well the only other important setting which comes to mind is setting your Max Global Upload Rate at 80% of your tested upload.

That is 0.8 x 850kB x 103/213 = 0.8 x 103 = 82kB/s.

If that's already set, try an Open Office torrent or some Linux distro. If you still get the same speeds it might mean that your ISP is throttling your P2P traffic. You may try then activating encryption on your client and see if that helps.

If not, then (if you have the possibility) you should change your ISP and let them know why you're doing that.

If that's not an option you could try a VPN solution such as Ipredator or HideMyTorrent.

Or use the Usenet instead.

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when you make any significant change in your network connection, you must always reconfigure your connection from scratch, including your port-forwarding setup. This is a given. Don't assume that anything remained the same, not even your router's settings. If it's been disconnected from power for long enough, it may have reverted to factory default settings. Check everything. Don't even assume your cables still work.

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