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Auto Start Uploading?

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Beware, I am sort of a torrent noob when it comes to this advanced stuff.

Not sure if I need to post all of this info for this question. Just following what it said in the rules.

BitComet 1.20

Internet Connection Type: PPPoE

Modem: AT&T 2WIRE 2701HG-B Gateway

Windows 7, Windows Firewall, AntiVir Antivirus

In BitComet, I use the scheduler so that I can still use the internet during the day. I have it set to turn on uploading/downloading at 2AM and turn off depending on when I get home. I log off since other people use my computer so BitComet closes. It opens back up when I log back on, but the torrents are all paused and will not initiate when the scheduler turns uploading/downloading back on. Is there a way to get all the torrents I have ready to start uploading/downloading (the diamond symbol) when I open BitComet during the time it is not supposed to be uploading/downloading without having to remember to select all of them and hit play?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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if you have the tasks set on pause and then close BitComet, that setting remains and is not overridden by the scheduler. One or the other must be in control, and if they were to override one another the result would be pretty chaotic. Let this thought guide you and you should be able to work it out.

BitComet, if properly configured, does not prevent using the internet for other things which are not too intensive. That is, you can websurf, chat, email &c while bittorrenting. You can't download a large file quickly though.

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I don't think I described very well what my situation is.

So that the computer can run faster for others, I log out, which quits all my running programs. BitComet is not run by any other user but my own.

When I log back on, the torrents are all paused (green circle) and will not start running at 2AM unless I select all of them and hit play. This will make the symbol the gray diamond, which means that the tasks will start as soon as the scheduler enables them to.

It's not the downloading that makes my internet slow, but the uploading. It's really not the internet access that slows down, but my Xbox Live. If there's a way to fix that, PLEASE let me know.

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