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I have version 1.20 of BitComet and a Lan connection. Working on Internet Explorer.

My problem is that I have a portable drive where I was downloading a big file (23.91 gig). I had finished almost 80% of the file. Yesterday when I started BitComet I hadn't turned on the portable drive, so BitComet didn't find the file. When I turned on the portable drive, BitComet started to download the file from 0%. I have tried importing the unfinished download, but the "corresponding torrent" seems to be lost. Some of the files are marked bc! - other seem to be fully downloaded.

I searched for the torrent and found it on my C-drive. But when I chose it, there was an error, that the task was already there. When I deleted the task from BitComet (with only 1,3%), then the torrent had disappeared from my hard drive and is not visible in my recycle bin.

Any ideas?

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When you did that, BC could not find the path to the existing download, so of course, if figured that this was a bad pathname. Since it was a bad pathname, BC reset the pathname to the default download location, on the C drive.

That was really predictable, and you should have been able to figure out on your own, that this would happen, and have known exactly where to look for the restarted download.

What you need to do is to change the pathname for the download BACK to the attached drive. but do make sure this time that the portable drive is attached, turned on, working, shows up in explorer, and is available. Overlooking this is, frankly, pretty dumb. You need to make it part of something that you do every time you power up. Pardon my dwelling on this, but you seem to need it.

The pathname's defined in the task properties. Get it pointed to the right place, then do a manual hash-check to assure that BC sees the existing file and agrees that you've correctly downloaded so much of it. When complete, the task should show that whatever percentage of it has already been downloaded. Then you can resume the download where you left off.

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