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Issue with torrent download completion

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BitComent Client Version: 1.16

Operating System: Windows 7

Anti-Virus: AVG Free

Router: Linksys WRT54GS, port forwarding is enabled

Internet Connection Type: Broadband (Cox)

I have noticed from time to time when I download .MKV or .AVI files with bitcomet that the download will complete, but for some reason bitcomet will not change the file extension from .bc! to the proper .mkv or .avi. I can still play the files just fine, and when I re-download the torrent the problem usually goes away. More than anything it is just annoying, does anyone know what I can do to fix this issue? Even if it comes out to manually editing files, I can handle that if there are precise instructions.

Thanks in advance!


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There is an option in the advanced settings, to always perform a hash-check when a torrent finishes. It set to 'true' it will do this automatically, which may help you with the renaming issue.

If it doesn't, you should be aware that the ".!bc" extension is just pasted onto the end of the filename, whatever it is, and it can be manually removed the same way.

myfile.mp3 gets renamed to


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Thanks for the help, I will try setting it to hash check automatically, but I don't quite know how to hash check manually. Aside from that, even if I rename the file to something like File.mp3 from File.mp3.!bc it still opens bitcomet when I double click the file to play it with WMP. Plus the icon design does not change, it still shows the bitcomet incomplete icon for the file, although that may be more of a windows thing. On top of that when I right click on the file and select properties, windows still lists it as a bitcomet incomplete file.

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To check manually, stop the task (in BC), right-click the task, then select "Manual Hash Check" from the resulting menu.

What icons are shown and what names are shown with filetype extensions is entirely up to Windows and entirely not up to BitComet. The Windows filetype association determines this.

Clients will "fight" over the associations. If you install µtorrent, it will reassociate all .torrent files with itself. Install BitComet and it will associate .torrents back with itself. These clients will do this even when directed not to do it during the install and in their settings. They use different extensions for incomplete files though, so these will get left alone if you do use them.

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