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How To Restart Torents If The History Has Been Cleared?

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Recently my computer crashed and my friend decided to help me (yeh right) and he formated my computer. Well I lost everything including my Bitcomet. So now I have the unfinished torent files I backed up but I cant get them to restart downloading. How do I get them into my Bitcomet downloader again? Also how do I restart them again? Any help here would be great since I have now tried to open the files in INPORT DOWNLOADS and nothing seems to work lol. I think I need to get them into my torent history but I have no clue how to do that since everythign is literly erased. Thanks a million. :)

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You will need to re-obtain the .torrent files for each incomplete download.

This must be the very same file you had before, the exact one. It can't be just another .torrent with the same material, for if you try to use it, it will just start all over and ignore what you have already downloaded.

when you get the .torrent file, load it into BitComet via the menu, but don't start the task running. Instead, make sure that the torrent's download destination is pointing to the right place (that is, where your partial download is -- reconcile these however you have to), then do a manual hash check.

This should take a while and your "% downloaded" column becomes "% checked" and will climb from 0 to 100, then revert to whatever % you had successfully downloaded before.

If it very quickly goes to 100 and then back to 0, BitComet did not find your partial download in the path that the torrent points to. The directory's wrong, or the partial isn't there, it's somewhere else. You've got to reconcile these and try again.

You'll have to do this for each torrent. Then tell your friend to keep his cotton pickin' paws off your computer.

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