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Save auto-shutdown time setting / auto shutdown command-line parameter

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I love the new feature of "Auto Shutdown", "At specified time" in BitComet. However, what I would love more is to be able to have this feature set every time I load BitComet - i.e. save my previous option and restore that setting when I load it up again.

My ISP gives unmetered off-peak downloads from 4am-8am, which means that I can get windows to schedule BitComet to start at 4am, and have free downloads until 8am. However, if I want BitComet to stop at 8am, I need to go into the options sometime before 8am and click "Auto Shutdown" -> "At specified time" -> [OK]. What I would like is the ability to either have BitComet save the setting so I don't need to check it every time; or have a command-line parameter that I can specify in my scheduled task which will automatically select the option I want.

This way I can just leave BitComet doing it's own thing and not need to check in on it every morning.

Thanks for making such a great product! It's awesome.



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While on this subject and by way of clarity, could we please also get some column labels on the scheduler display? Doesn't have to be numbers, how about just


above the columns, and a label of "12 NOON" in the middle, or something like this?

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I fail to understand why you can't use the BitComet Scheduler to manage your downloads and instead you need to entirely close BitComet.

The Scheduler was included exactly for that purpose.

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OK, fair enough - I didn't really think about doing it that way - that's actually quite sensible. Perhaps, greywizard, your signature is rather fitting for me making that request!

Thanks for the feedback.

p.s. And in response to kluelos, I don't really mind the current scheduler display - I think most people know how to read 24-hour time, which is displayed when you hover over each cell. And logically, one would assume that if each block is an hour, that it would begin each day at midnight. But I suppose it doesn't hurt to make it a bit more idiot proof. :)

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