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hi all


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how do i down load other torrent sites or they just go in

While it would be a great idea for you to check out the wiki and browse through the help files, I'll see if I can answer your question really quick and really simple.

Think of a torrent file like a small map to a party you have to go to. This little map will point your client (BitComet or uTorrent or whatever) to the party. At this "party" everybody's celebrating and passing around "drinks" without so much as a second thought (drinks =whatever you're downloading; musics/movies and whatnots.)

How do I get that map you're talking about?, you may ask... well that's where your torrent sites come in. They're pretty much like the liquor store you would buy a map from. Only we don't need maps to a party, we need maps to where ever our desired files are stored! There are so many torrent sites out there. Some of them host, some of them mirror...

but NONE of them are responsible for you downloading some 17 year old's fake version of (insert something you wanted, but couldn't wait for here). Some good sites are out there, though and clean (especially private ones like Demonoid)... welllll.... let's just say that you need to be dilligent and read what other users are commenting.

Keep in mind that there are a bunch of jerks whose only thrill in life is to make it look like you're going to DL a virus, when in fact it's not a virus at all. Use your better judgement and stay away from torrents that haven't been approved by the community you're downloading it from.

Torrent sites are very easy to find. Just google "torrent search engine" and you'll be busy for hours.

The sites that I frequent the most are:

btjunkie, Kick a** Torrents, of course you can't forget about The Pirate Bay, I used to use sumotorrent, but I wouldn't recommend it (which is why I didn't link you) because it's been INFESTED with newborn hackers. Apparently that's the place to go if you wanna try out a new phishing string you've made. If you're lucky enough to know someone who has an invite code, Demonoid is an excellent site (but it won't have too many rare or hard to come by items). I used to use IsoHunt but ever since they changed from hosting to mirroring it just hasn't felt the same.

There are so many out there, that I'd be here forf hucking ever trying to list them. Remember... If it's got an 80% or more positive feedback from people, then it's most likely a legitimate torrent. Just be careful, ask if you're not sure, and for the love of God and everything that is electronically charged... SEED

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