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converting needed?


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i have mp3 files from bitcomet they will play on my computer but not on my home cd player or in my truck do i need to convert these to mp4 or something else i noticed vob files wont play on my dvd player either that i downloaded any suggestions?

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BitComet didn't supply any of the files you downloaded, so you know more about what you downloaded then we do, but if your trying to play mp3 files burned as a data cd on a cd player, then the cd player must support mp3 file format. You can easily convert them to an audio CD. I use Nero to do it when I have the need, but there are many free programs that will do it too.

As for your .vob files. DVD video uses .vob files, but in order for them to play on a traditional dvd player you must have the additional files present, and they must be in a "Video_ts" folder. Most full dvd downloads come packed in an .iso file. This is a disc image and most disc burning software will burn disc images such as this. ImgBurn (imgburn.com) is a good program for burning discs, and it's free. It won't convert files, but it will burn and make disc images as well as burn data discs.

If your dvd download came in a "Video_ts" folder, then you need to burn that folder onto a dvd. If you use a program like Nero, it has an option to "burn DVD files on your harddrive". With this option you can simply select all the files and it will make a complete dvd for you.

However you will find most video downloads are dvdrips in "Xvid" (.avi files), these can be burned onto a data disc in played in any dvd player that is DivX compatible. Not all are, but you can buy a good divx-dvd player starting at about $35 usd and up, and many dvdrips are only 700mb in size so that small purchase will save you loads of time since the downloads are smaller, plus the fact that they will download much faster, because full dvd downloads aren't very popular and often download slow, on top of being huge in size (over 4,000mb)

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