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BitComet not connecting through proxy

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I am connecting to the internet through Your-Freedom tunneling client which uses the proxy settings and port 8080 for HTTP 1.1 and and port 1080 for SOCKS 4/5. Every other software on my laptop is able to connect to the internet either through HTTP OR SOCKS proxy, some even connect directly through the OPENVPN router cloacking software but Bitcomet will never connect. I cant even connect to my COmet Passport which complains that my proxy is blocked. What could be causing this and what can I do to rectify the issue. This is stopping me from using BitComet and I need it for my torrent downloads.

Please help. Thanks in advance for your help and support.


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Every other application doesn't require new external incoming connections. Bittorrent does.

Every other application initiates contact with a server, which replies to it. There's no problem doing that through the proxy system. Bittorrent doesn't do that.

For bittorrent to work well, other peers need to be able to initiate contact with you. Not reply to you. Initiate contact. But all they can see is the proxy, they don't know anything about you. Since they're not replying to you, any message they send hits the proxy without any information about who it's for. The proxy doesn't know which of its many clients this message is for, so can't forward it. The message is discarded.

For this reason, you can't bittorrent through a proxy other than in "no-listen-port" mode, which does work, but is normally quite slow.

You can communicate with the tracker, via a proxy, but that won't do you any good. This is peer-to-peer. That's not just a meaningless phrase or something you can ignore. Your transfers come from your peers, not the tracker. The tracker just helps you find those peers. You are limited to those peers that you initiate contact with, but there's only one of you and a great many of them. You can call them but, because of the proxy, none of them can call you.

So as you can hopefully see, the problem lacks a simple solution other than not using a proxy for bittorrent.

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... but Bitcomet will never connect.

Could you please elaborate a little this statement?

Do that by providing the info from this announcement (it might come handy) and by answering the following questions:

What color is your status light in the lower right corner?

Can BitComet connect to the tracker(s)? (Check the Trackers tab.)

Do you connect to any peers? If yes are they only Local or Remote as well? (Check the Peers tab.)

At last, this may seem redundant to ask, but have you set a proxy on the Options-->Proxy page of BitComet?

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