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Downloading With No Active Tasks

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My bandwidth can not support very much and bogs down easily. Recently BitComet has been downloading and uploading while there are no active tasks. How can I stop this? It's one thing if it can be controlled but it's another if it can't. I would be a little more supportive of this if I knew exactly what the bandwidth was being used for and if I could control it.

I use the current version of BitComet and use Windows Vista. I have all unnecessary setting in Vista turned off. I have searched through the "manual" and have poked around through the settings in both my computer and the program and found nothing wrong. My internet connecting is functioning perfectly fine and there are no maulware, firewall, spyware and additional problems.

Advice please?

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The most common reason for continued uploading is when users have Long Term Seeding enabled. This will continue to seed inactive tasks after stopped. It's advantage is when enabled it will open up connections to other bitcomet peers, allowing you to download from them to speed up your downloads.

It can be a good thing, but should be limited in your settings so it doesn't use excessive bandwidth.

As for downloading, there is a certain amount of downloading and uploading that must be done when connecting to all the bitcomet services, like when you log into passport to record your stats (for example). If your on a very limited connection, then you might want to disable some or all of the "services", as well as DHT (unless you need it for a specific torrent). Some of these services can greatly increase your performance, but if your speed is limited strictly by your connection speed, then they can't really do anything to help that, and can infact slow things down.

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