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Advise on good router that support port fowarding

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Good day,Please i will need your advise on some issues.i have always been having problems with port fowarding so i just bought a 3G USB connection and my ISP told me that i can connect it with a router if i want to.i chose this connection because it is the fastest we have in nigeria here compared to the slow DSL.my current IP now is 41.205.x.x and i cannot port foward for now so i will like to buy a router but i want to know the best router that can work well with this connection so that i can port foward.this connection is still trial for now and i can return it in a week if i dont like it so please can you help with advise on a router that i can use or is this connection not good although it is very very fast but it is still a 3G usb connection but it can use a router.please help with advise.thanks

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Most mobile TelCo ISPs block incoming connections on all ports by default.

You should ask yours if they do that or not and if yes, whether they have an option to unblock them.

If they say they don't have any unblocking options (perhaps a supplementary fee), then you should know there is NOTHING on your side that can unblock the ports.

If they say that they don't block your ports then you SHOULD have a green light in BitComet.

Just check that the following are met:

  1. On the Options-->Connection page in BitComet, the 3 options under the "Port mapping" section are all checked.
  2. You have only the Windows Firewall working, without any other third party Internet Security suites or applications which may block your ports.

If these are met, then you should get a green light, and you don't need a router for that.

Note: Make sure that your modem is only a modem. If it has firewall features integrated you'll have to manually configure it first. Since you didn't provide any info on the model and make you'll have to figure it out yourself.

You can also double-check that your port is open or not, on the canyouseeme.org page. Just enter your port on the page and hit the "Check" button.

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You have other issues, and they're more important, but in general most routers should work just fine for you. With that wireless connection, port-forwarding will not matter because you'll almost certainly be firewalled further upstream, as Wiz says.

FIrewalls act like a series of gates, and if there's one gate blocking the path, then it's blocked and it doesn't matter whether the rest of the gates are open or not. Your provider almost certainly has his gate closed, so it doesn't matter whether yours are open or not.

Most wired DSL connections aren't done this way, but that's just speaking generally. You will need to explore what's available to you. Yet, it may be that a slower connection via wired DSL will actually be much faster for you downloading via bittorrent, than a faster rated wireless connection.

Routers generally are very similar. There are no standout brands or models, and my experience with them is that you do not get what you pay for. It's not worth it to spend extra money on a router, so I would just buy whatever is on sale at the moment you decide to buy. It seems that the fewer innovative features it has, the less trouble you have with those features.

Forwarding a port, assuming you have a connection where that matters, is not difficult, but it will not hurt you to look at the supplemental instructions at portforward.com for any router model you're thinking of buying, just to make sure you understand them.

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Thanks man i really appreciate. The ISP guy told me the ports are blocked from their side.he was surprised how i knew so much.thanks to bit comet.i have already returned it and i will hunt for a DSL ISP that does not have download limit.you ve really widened my knowledge about this part of the internet.ISP's will be dissapointed about we knowing their secret now.thanks a lot

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