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cannot access any torrent site using bit comet 1.21

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hey peeps i am a user of bitcomet and have been for a few years. i have recently installed bitcomet 1.21 but run into a problem i have installed bitcomet when i did i got this message

error opening file for writing

C:\program files\bitcomet\bitcomet.exe

click abort to stop installation,

retry to try again

ignore to skip this file

i pressed retry and bit comet loaded and installed but when i run bitcomet i am not able to click on any torrent site on the left hand pain (where torrent sites are i.e

toplist of torrent sites

torrent rooms

torrent bar)

when i try to conect to a torrent site i get a www.atcomet.com page saying

page not found

The URL (page) you requested could not be found.

It either never existed, has been removed, or you used a mistyped URL.

You will be automatically redirected to our home page in 5 seconds,

it happens on every torrent site i try to visit. Any one got any ideas what i am doing wrong.WITH PREVIOUS BITCOMET installations every one have worked perfectly just this one .hope that some one with brains can help :D big smile and thank you for any help you may offer me :D

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Ignoring the error was your problem. BitComet was telling you that windows didn't allow it to do what it needed to do. However, with that I can be of no help as you didn't provide any info about your system (there really is a reason for the basic info we require to request support, and a solution for windows XP will not work on vista or Seven).

Best (and safest) generic advice I can offer is to completely uninstall bitcomet, delete your c:\program files\bitcomet folder (or program files (x86) depending on your windows version), then reinstall.

Also make sure any security software you have installed gives full access to bitcomet and it's installers.

ps. I deleted the first two topics you made. One post is sufficient.

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