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Cannot install bitcomet 1.21


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1.exe is not part of the BitComet install. Neither is gtapi.dll.

These are coming from something/somewhere else. 1.exe has been tenatively identified as a trojan.

gtapi.dll is nominally innocent but has been used in conjunction with spyware.

Generally, it looks like you've been infected and need to clean your system out. Your usual antivirus, then Spybot S&D, then Adaware, then a rootkit scanner, at the minimum.

To be safe, also delete the bitcomet installation and re-get it from a known safe source, either directly from the bitcomet website or from download.com

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the installer was downloaded from the offical page 100% sure. it show 1.exe because i manually renamed it to 1.exe, i deleted the file and re-donwloaded it again, it still doesn't work. it give the same message. and i dun think my system is infected, I competely scanned my system. I suspect that the new installer crashed with the gtapi.dll on my syestem and i think the error msg has something to do with the google toolbar for IE installtion bundled with the bitcomet installer.Because the next step after clicking ' I Agree' is google toolbar installation...somehow after clicking I agree it gives me an error message and ask me to exit.something must be corrupted.. shall I upload the error log?

Update: I am now using the GREEN/non-install VERSION of 1.21 to slove the problem temporary but I would like to know what causing the installer error, all previous versions of bitcomet were installed sucessfully but not 1.21 ,what gives

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gtapi.dll is not any part of the BitComet installation.

Whatever's trying to install it, is not the BitComet installer.

You're clearly running something else. What that is, we have no way to know.

Renaming the executable to that of a known trojan is a really strange thing to do, and without an understanding of what you've done or are trying to do, we won't be able to help you.

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