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Ahoy to me Fellow Virtual Pillagers and Plunderers!


Avast!, Ye land lubber! What do ye fathom I should spend me harrrrd earned dubloons on, mateys?!  

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  1. 1. You are unemployed so cash is a commodity. Do you A- Get a soldering station (which I'll use in school next year) or B- upgrade from 2 to 4GB of DDR3 RAM?

    • (A) Just learn to solder some s*** and then sell it untill you can afford the MegaRams you dolt!
    • (B) The 2GB of RAM are a bit more important because you should not be running Win7 on just 2GB... silly man...

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Well hello there, mateys! It's incredibly damned early in the morning and I be stuck in a Pirate-y mood! Har har har!!!

I hope that the pirate speak doesn't annoy you too much! happy.gif Anyway, my name is David and I'm currently a student at ITT Tech. I'm studying Computer Network Systems and look forward to returning to school for Electronics and Engineering. My love for computers and patiences for broken things is leading me down the path of circuit boards and electrocution... but it's when you finally get everything in it's place and it works just like new that I think any burns and scars would be well worth it.

Anywho- That's enough rambling about my current mission. Let's see... what else can I waste your time with? hmm... sleep.gif

Oh, here we go: I'll tell you about my computer! I've a custom model and I'm proud to say that I was the custom-erizerer (and yes I'm aware that that's a ridiculous word but what can I say?? I mean I did start this whole thing talking like a freak-in' pirate, after all! ha ha) laugh.gif

Here's the specs:

It's got an AMD Phenom II X2 550 Processor which has 2 Cores running @ 3100Mhz on an MSI motherboard (model MS-7596). I'm running a 64-bit OS (Windows 7 Ultimate) which is actually MUCH better than Vista ever even dreamed about becoming... still use XP @ school all the time, though.

Unfortunately I didn't have enough to put in all the memory I wanted to so it's only got 2GB of RAM and 317GB of Spanned Hard Disk space (which is actually made up of about 4 hard drives; 3x 80GB hard disks and the original 90GB I salvaged from a 2005 PC).

No worries though because a 650w Power Supply is juicing up the beast within: an ATI Radeon HD 5400 Series Graphics Card with 2GB of memory is helping to lighten the load. It does more than pull it's weight too because I'm constantly playing Batman: Arkham Asylum and Borderlands on it, and I can STILL run virtual machines! (it's awesome because I bought an X-Box/PC controller).

At the moment I'm trying to save up some money so that I can buy either A.) A soldering station so that I can start messing with stuff (I have an old CRT monitor that needs the VGA plug replaced) or B.) another 2GB of memory... hmm... decisions, decisions...

Hey! I should totally make that a polling topic! What do you think I should get first?!

Anywho- I'm done talking about me and my Surfmachine-II... yeah I named it... so what? Don't judge me! Heh heh... My WiFi/LAN network at home is known as "Pirate's Wharf" lol... and on remote connections to my computer it says "Welcome to the Mother-ship Terminal." So silly... So sweet...

If you've actually read through all my shenanigans, you deserve some sort of prize! Thanks for sticking it through, ye scalawag! Unfortunately I don't have any virtual cookies or beers to send your way and my weed is just that MINE! So here... partake of my favorite clip-art...

★The Secret to a Fun and Relaxing Life★

↓ ↓


post-57793-12779099584815.jpg, Budspost-57793-12779099620535.jpg and Bros!post-57793-12779099692632.jpeg




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Hi FlyDRod, well you wrote an essay here! lol

Sorry I have a "blind spot" on PC techniques, so I can't help on your decision, or maybe you should post this in the Lounge section, because not many people will chat here. :P

Anyway, welcome to the forum, and have fun! :D

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Ahoy, laddy, and welcome.gif

Lucy, for "reasons unknown" (and we shan't get into the possibilities, just yet...) I think that FlyDRod is already having fun, here..!!! :lol: (...And that's always good! :D )

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